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Product Parameters

Device name: Cold welding machine
Product number: HB-12
Power consumption: 10-1200W
Arc welding output: Functions 1-4 switchable
Output time: Pulse time 1-99 adjustable
Cooling method: Fan forced air cooling
Welding wire specification range: 0.2mm-1.6mm
Using electric: Single-phase 220V ± 20% -45HZ
Output current: Pulse current 1-9 adjustable
Host volume: 416 * 250 * 290mm
Surfacing welding thickness: Arbitrary
Resistance welding output: Single point and continuous (0.3-1.2mm welding wire adjustable) 
Argon delay time: 9s
Output power: > 40KW
1、Cold welding machine Operation Video
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Cold welding machine Operation Video
Quick look at work videos
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2、Effect Products
Case Show
3、Other Weldable Materials
It can also weld carbon steel, abrasive steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium, nickel, tin, copper, aluminum, chromium, niobium, gold, silver, etc.
4、Wide Range Of Welding Applications
5、Why you choose Cold welding machine ?
TIG welding effect
Cold welding effect
6、Advantages of cold welding machine
High welding strength
High welding strength, complete metallurgical welding, precise control of welding time through microcomputer technology, release electrical energy in the form of pulsed arc in an instant and between tungsten electrode and workpiece, extremely high temperature arc makes metal workpiece and welding wire instantly Melting.
Welding combines the cold welding function and the argon arc welding function as a whole. It has precise spot welding, automatic continuous pulse spot welding, preset wire parameters, and argon arc welding functions, which truly achieves one machine for multiple uses.
30mm / min fast welding
Only one key is needed for easy welding, fast welding speed, the fastest welding speed can reach 30mm / min, which is several times more than the ordinary welding machine in the market.
Low substrate damage
The volume of the molten pool generated by each welding pulse is 2mm³, the stress formed is small, and the stress direction of the welding point is dispersed. The concentrated stress on the workpiece is small, so the heating point is small, and it will not cause the substrate to deform.
Reasonable power allocation
We adopt new technology microcomputer chip control, all kinds of materials with different diameters can get the best power.
Large voltage range
Using a switching power supply, when the voltage change fluctuates within the range of ± 20%, the machine can still work normally and maintain a stable output power.
Convenient electrical connection
The product is equipped with a quick connector, which can be connected quickly and easily.
Small size and easy to carry
The whole machine is small, only (375 * 150 * 230) mm³ light weight, the whole machine weighs only 9 kg
Q1: Could I visit your factory?
A1: Yes, We will warmly welcome you anytime.

Q2: About shipping?
A2: 3-5 days after payment for standard products, please consult our sales for customized products. 

Q3: How about your after service?
A3: Our engineers who have longtime professional experience and sales will help you within 24h.

Q4: Where have you sold your products?
A4: Europe, Americas, Africa, Oceania, and Asia.

Q5: Do you have a CE/ISO certificate?
A5: Yes.

Q6: If we do not know to use the machine, can you teach us?
A6: Yes, we will, if you come to China, we will offer you free training until you can use machine freely.
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