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Product parameters
Device name: Handheld fiber laser welding machine
Laser power: 500W / 1000W / 1500W
Laser wavelength: 1070NM
Beam Quality (BPP): 5MMXMRAD
Fiber length: Standard 5M can be extended to 15M
Way of working: Continuous / Modulation
Welding speed: 0-120mm / s
Welding thickness: 0.5mm-3mm
Weld requirements: ≤0.5mm
Operating Voltage: 220AVC ± 10% 50 / 60HZ
Working environment temperature: 10 ℃ -35 ℃
Working environment humidity: <70% without condensation
cooling method: Industrial thermostatic water tank

1、Handheld Laser Welder Operation Video

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2、Other Weldable Materials

It can also weld carbon steel, abrasive steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium, nickel, tin, copper, aluminum, chromium, niobium, gold, silver, etc.
Female fillet welding, positive fillet welding, vertical welding, tailor welding, overlap welding, etc.
It has the advantages of simple operation, beautiful weld seam, fast welding speed and no consumables.

3、Wide Range Of Welding Applications

Widely used in lighting and mold industries, optoelectronic communication machinery, machinery manufacturing, digital 3C industry, automotive industry, electronic equipment, clocks, aerospace, eyes, electronics, copper parts, aluminum parts, small welding processing industry.
As well as complicated and irregular welding procedures in the industries such as cabinets, kitchens and bathrooms, corridor elevators, shelves, ovens, stainless steel doors and windows, guardrails, power distribution boxes, furniture and other industries.

4、Why you choose Handheld fiber laser welding machine ?

Compare items Argon arc welding Laser welding
Heat input to the workpiece Very high Low
Deformation of workpiece, undercut Big Small
Bonding strength with parent material Good Very good
Post-processing Sanding No need to sand or lightly sand
Welding speed General 2 times more than argon arc welding
Applicable materials Stainless steel, aluminum, iron, copper Stainless steel, aluminum, iron, copper
Consumables Welding wire Electricity
Protective gas Argon Argon
Workpiece welding seam requirements ≤ 3mm ≥ 0.3mm
Difficulty of operation High Simple
Operator safety Intense radiation Safety

5、Product Details

1,Handheld laser head

The hand-held swing welding head can automatically adjust the position of the welding head, which will not cause problems such as workpiece deformation and blackening, and only provides you with better welding quality.
Handheld laser head - BOSHUO

2, Brand fiber

Brand optical fiber, can be multi-channel fiber output welding, automatic + hand-held two output uniform welding light, can weld high melting point, refractory and difficult to weld metal.
Brand fiber - BOSHUO

3.Control panel

Manual / auto-customized Zener change control panel, easy to operate, even novices can learn.
Control panel - BOSHUO

4, Control switch

Quality assurance, not easy to damage, equipped with emergency stop button to reduce danger.
Control switch - BOSHUO

5. Industrial grade chiller

The use of forced compression industrial-grade chiller has a good protection effect on the internal components of the equipment, which greatly improves the service life of the equipment. Built-in / external two options.


Q1: Could I visit your factory?
A1: Yes, We will warmly welcome you anytime.
Q2: About shipping?
A2: 3-5 days after payment for standard products, please consult our sales for customized products. 
Q3: How about your after service?
A3: Our engineers who have longtime professional experience and sales will help you within 24h.

Q4: Where have you sold your products?
A4: Europe, Americas, Africa, Oceania, and Asia.

Q5: Do you have a CE/ISO certificate?
A5: Yes.

Q6: If we do not know to use the machine, can you teach us?
A6: Yes, we will, if you come to China, we will offer you free training until you can use machine freely.

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